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excavator hydraulic breaker chisel

Item No.: 00578
Moil Point Tool
Tie Rod, Wedge Tool
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Assembled in the hydraulic breaker, carrying on the breaking operation on the rock directly.

So it needs wear resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance and enough yield strength.

A demolition tool can be standard or made to measure. You can decided the length, the hardness and the type of the point.


1) Moil Point Tool

Reinforced concentrate, hard materail breaking, general demoonlition works.

2) Tie Rod, Wedge Tool

Hard metal breaking, sedimenttary, trenching and bending works.

3) Blunt Tool:

Concentrate breaking, stone block, debris, scaling works in mines and tunnels.

Suitable Breaker: SG, TANK, Soosan, Hanwoo, Daemo, Taixing, DongGuang, Tiger, Toyo, Toku, Mitsubish, Kwang Lin, N.P.K, MSB, Krupp, Belite, Stanely, Giant, Arees, Montabert, Okada, Doosan, JCB, Case, Hamma, Teisaku,Furukawa, Rammer, General Breaker, Comet, Atlas and so on.

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